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The Memory and Aging Laboratory is a cognitive neuroscience research lab located in the School of Psychology annex in the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging on the Georgia Institute of Technology campus.

Memories define who we are, where we have been and help guide our day-to-day actions. We know from research with people who have experienced brain injury that some regions of the brain are necessary for proper memory functioning. Given the impact that changes in our ability to create and recall memories can have upon our lives, our primary interest in the lab is to gain a thorough understanding of how memory is organized in the human brain.

There are several questions that we are currently investigating: Why is it that some of our memories are rich in detail while others are merely fuzzy? It is well known that our ability to recall memory details may decline as we age but which specific cognitive processes are affected? How do various factors, such as performance variability and the methods and materials we use contribute to the differences we see between young and older adults? Can we facilitate better memory performance by recruiting cognitive processes that improve as we age? Which, if any, of the brain regions implicated in memory functioning by neuroimaging methods are necessary for successful memory performance? To address these and other issues we use multiple experimental techniques, such as behavioral testing, electrophysiology (EEG), functional neuroimaging (fMRI) and neuropsychological studies of people with brain injury.